I’ve finally unboxed the Impossible Project film that came with the Araki book, PX600 Silver Shade.

[above] Is it my imagination or has this pack of film expired?


Here’s the film with the camera. I used the dark slide to protect the newborn images since during the first few seconds of birth the images are sensitive to light.

[above] You can see the CD case plastic applied to fool the Magic Eye or whatever they’re called into not over-exposing everything. At least I think that’s what it’s supposed to do.


The first two images:

With this shot I fired the shutter and held it down waiting for the shutter to close … it appeared to not want to, I panicked and I let it go. It’s a little under-exposed but I like it enough.


I mentioned this on the images on flickr, the OneStep suffers from serious Parallax even at the range these subjects were.


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