GF1 Black and White

I’m very rarely near anything interesting I can photograph that doesn’t involve the view out of my current office window so I’m left with some freakin’ chairs and stuff. I’m on leave until Monday so hopefully I can ‘get out there’, somewhere, and shoot something interesting soon.


The Smena 6 is out in force and I’ve got some cheapo 400 film in it. The Rangefinder on-top measures distance in feet but the Smena 6 measures in metres on the barrel. 3.3ft is about 1 metre so extrapolate from there …


Photographing myself is a fairly new thing, generally speaking I never used to. I reckon I feel guilty about frequently photographing my family and strangers and not documenting my own stupid face, also if I didn’t no one else will and I’ve got to have at least something for my daughter to point to and say “daddy is-you!”.


Of course, no photo session is complete without a million photos of my daughter. My Flickr stream is littered with trillions of photos of her and there’s a couple of reasons for that.
One: she’s my first ever child and I’m still amazed this has even happened to me 2 years on.
Two: my parents use Flickr to keep up with how she’s growing and frequent my Photostream religiously.

The Film Situation
Ammo Count: I’ve got a FED3 and a Smena 6 loaded with cheapo FujiColor 400 35mm negative film and along with that there’s my Halina Viceroy with a couple of shots of … something left. There’s also maybe two shots in the Diana InstaBack, Polaroid Mini Portrait and 2 in the 104 Land Camera but I’ll save that for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend.

I’m planning to get some of that Lomo ‘stuff’ from Urban Outfitters sometime tomorrow. They were stocking all sorts of Lomo cameras and gear the last time I strolled past.

I wish there wasn’t a hold up with the Pinhole camera, I’d love to try some outside landscape stuff.


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