Low Light, Low Sleep

When Anna awoke around 3am this morning screaming hysterically until she suppressed by milk my chances of getting back to sleep were limited.

The weird part was when she awoke I was dreaming about the Harman Ilford ‘Titan’ pinhole camera and about making a 103mm lens for it. I dreamt the UNC path I saved the lens to – not the schematics or some other file that be can write to disk – but the path of the physical lens was in/on her cot and she wasn’t happy about it.

Anyway, I got the GF1 out to try some low light – long exposures and finally decided to put my cheapo 24 shot 400ASA film into my FED 3 and took a couple of shots with that as well. I did try to compensate for the difference in lens regards f-stops so I’ll be interested to see if anything comes out.

I’ve added the shutter/f-stop details to each shot bar the shots using the Jupiter 8 lens since I didn’t record them so they’ll just be averages.

It’s a shame the GF1 has an upper limit of 1 minute per exposure.

1 minute at f4 – 3.44am

1/3 of a second at around f3 – 3.26am

1 minute at f3.5 – 3.50am

1 minute at around f3 – 4.15am

15 seconds at f4.2 – 3.54am

2 seconds at f4 – 3.57am

1/3 of a second at around f3 – 4.26am

1 minute at maybe f3 – 4.33am



2 thoughts on “Low Light, Low Sleep

    1. I’ve seen your photos, I don’t think you need any more confidence :)

      These shots are digital but I have a couple I took on cheap FujiColor 400 film still to develop and maybe a few more still to take before the end of the roll.

      Happy shooting!


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