Something Sad and Suspicious

I was having a quick look at Flickr through Flickr’s iPhone app earlier today and I noticed that a user had added me as a contact. I had a quick look at their photostream and their shots were quite interesting, then I read a wee bit of the blurb they put in the description field.

The first portion was in German the second was an English translation but as I reached the bottom I read the following text:

“With your contribution you agree that your comments are being used for the NX200 promotion by Samsung.”

This really concerns me.

I’d heard talk, rumours, nightmares about people being paid by advertisers to talk loudly and favourably about products in public places to subliminally influence passers by but to maybe be seeing this first hand is just crazy.

Someone on a photo sharing website pretending to be a regular contributor friending multiple users over a short period of time (the account was opened October 2011) just to promote a camera is a sad state of affairs. I did ask the user if they were a real photographer/person and I got a response.

Dear Sibokk, thank you for your comment. Of course i am a real photographer and you can see a lot of my other work at [website URL]. I used the NX200 during the last two weeks in the streets of berlin. Some of these pictures could be used by Samsung, but the pictures are real, authentic and not staged.

Samsung is listed as a client on the photographers website.

I think this is a little too far but what do you think?


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