Pinhole … Continued

Well, I’ve made my new pinhole ‘lens’ cone but it was still fairly rubbish:

The new cone offered a sort of zoom lens effect which was interesting but difficult to frame effectively since seeing anything on the screen is nearly impossible.

Of course, all this mucking about with a pinhole camera is directly linked to the recent purchase of the Harman Ilford Pinhole Photography Kit.

I’m now going large format and into black & white developing in one giant leap.


Here’s a rough idea of the size differential between each film type:

Image from Wikipedia

We start at 35mm as it’s the smallest here, we then bypass 127 moving on to what you’d get from a Lomography Diana – 6×4.5/6×6. 6×6 is approximately what you’d get with a Halina Viceroy.

We now get to my favourite size ‘6×9’ from the Zeiss Ikon Nettar and Mamiya Universal finally getting to the largest size I will be going for now – 4×5(this is now inches territory).



Home Developing Kits
The problem I do face though is the safe disposal of my dead C-41 kits. I was perusing the APUG forums about this issue last night and there are different views on it.

Some say that if the kit is only a litre or so it can be diluted and flushed away, minus the silver elements, others say no way José. I still need to phone around about cross-processing so while I’m on the phone I’ll ask about handing in my chemicals to them.

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