After perusing ‘The Bay’ for large format cameras I quickly saw my error in judgement. You’re expecting to pay at least £130 for a Graflex Crown Graphic 4×5 camera with no lens or anywhere from £250 plus for a 4×5 camera with a lens so I’ve started to look more seriously at the Harman Ilford Pinhole Photography Kit advertised on Ilford’s website.

This is essentially a high quality pinhole camera which offers an inter-changeable cone, though Ilford’s website only references a wide angle 72mm model while in the video below a 150mm and/or 110mm cone is mentioned (but it was made pre-release).

Initially, part of the deal was to bundle this camera with some direct-positive paper but looking at their website again (5 November 2011) it appears they’ve had problems with the paper and are offering a direct-negative paper instead, but I would imagine you could put a negative sheet in there as well.

Anyway, you get this bundle for £150, so I’ll have a chat with my financial adviser and see if I can release the funds!

Below is a video I found on YouTube of an interview with Steven Brierley uploaded by PhotoWalkthrough.

Here is a product video from YouTube:


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