My Backup

Maybe the ‘Backup’ is purely an FPP thing or they just gave it a name but its where you have a wee camera in reserve if your main camera is between rolls or something like that.

The GF1 is now officially my new backup, it used to be my iPhone but it’s definitely now my GF1.

These shots were my backup incase anything should happen to the ‘main event’ cameras I was using at the time, Mamiya Universal and Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2.

Well, something did happen to a roll from one of them so while I wait to contact a film developing house that are happy to cross process (slide film is all the colour film I have left bar one last roll of Portra 160) I’ll post these backup shots here.

The light was low and I wanted to keep it that way so these shots are best viewed against black.

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