Film Photography

I’ve got a roll of 120 Portra 160 in my Mamiya Universal to finish, then I’ll maybe take out the 1937 Zeiss Ikon Nettar with the other roll of Portra 160 I have or I might use up some of that Ilford ISO 3200 or 2300 to see what that looks like.
This might kick start my black and white processing(!).

On a separate note, I saw the video from the FPP guys of Mike Rasso about town with a Crown Graphic. I’m thinking of hunting one down to maybe try 4×5 large format.

I know that sounds a bit crazy because I doubt there’s anywhere in Edinburgh that will still process large format (that’ll cost less than the Million Dollar Man’s eyeball) or I’m going to have to home develop and need one of those big square developing tanks … or use ‘The Taco Method’.

The Taco Method means you place one or more sheet(s) of 4×5 film into a standard developing tank curved into the shape of a taco shell with the help of a loose elastic band emulsion side in.

I’m sure price will be the buffer between me actually buying a Crown Graphic unless I win the lottery. If I ever win the lottery, not even a big win … eek! too many .. cameras … not enough time!

2 thoughts on “Film Photography

    1. Hey, just realised I didn’t reply.

      I’ve now taken the jump so before the thing arrives I better get a B&W developer that’ll take care of film from the late 1950’s to present day and of course the Portra roll is no more.

      I hope I’m not jumping too quickly(!)


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