C-41, A Restrospective

In my first home, Tetinal, C-41 kit I managed to get through approximately 31 rolls of 120 film and 13 spools of 35mm film when the last roll was reduced to mushy pea soup.

The first roll I home developed was a roll of FujiFilm taken with a Diana F+ as it was probably wasn’t going to come out at all but they looked like this:

Then by that time I had my wee camera collection going and had the Mamiya almost running properly which gave me these:

The Halina was doing this:

Then all of a sudden this was happening:

Develop time needed to increase from three minutes thirty seconds, or maybe I was doing four minutes at that time, to around ten minutes per chemical.

Little white spots were building up over the negatives more and more despite a thorough wash and with a little washing detergent.

The Tetenal instructions pointed the finger at the stabiliser as the culprit, suggesting the white spots were in fact calcium spots because my water was too hard. The solution was to blend the stabiliser with boiled water or rather 1/3 tap water and 2/3 boiled water. Whatever that means.

This Kit finally died and took with it the last roll of 120 that’s been through the Diana, I’m now addicted to Instax Mini:

I’m now near the end of my second C-41 kit and soon I will have six bottles full chemicals I don’t know what to do with.Down the sink isn’t the way to go and Edinburgh City Council say they will not dispose of them for me …. TBC.

3 thoughts on “C-41, A Restrospective

  1. I admire your adherence to film. I like the collection of cameras you have accumulated. Each process seems to give a different look. Have you been to photo.net. it’s a good resource site and full of lots of advice. I started with Tri-X then went to Ektachrome. I had darkroom setups anywhere you could block the window and doors. After I shot my first digital image with a Nikon D70, I haven’t shot a single frame of film since. My darkroom has been turned into a laundry room and my Mac is my post processing device. Oh well. Best of luck.


    1. Hi Victor,
      Thanks for your comment and the link. I love my film cameras very much and you’re right they do have such a unique feel which is very addictive.

      I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to black and white processing now as I have a wee collection of Ilford films and I’m seriously considering going to large format. C-41 was fun though.

      I still shoot digital quite a lot though, with my GF1 and iPhone, but I love the film cameras more and I like the hands on-ness with the film. Maybe its a replacement for my painting. My painting ‘studio’ is now my daughter’s room.



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