Koroll II, Kodak Ektachrome 160T

This is the latest attempt to get something interesting out of the Bencini Koroll 2 medium format camera.

With a lens as slow as this one, f9, I think this camera is best suited for hot/sunny places like Italy. I did manage to get some almost usable images but since my c-41 kit is near-death it was a gamble if I got any images out of the camera at all.

I developed the roll at the normal temperature 102º(F or C) but for 10 minutes in each potion, dev/blix/stab. They pretty much came out OK-ish except I rushed getting the film into the tank because my daughter was waking up and thus made an ‘arse’ of it, hence the dark streaks down one side of some images.

To add to this stupidity I double dipped the negative. Developed it twice. It did darken the negative a little more but I’m not sure if I’ll do that again.

The next C-41 roll I do I’ll leave in the developer for about 12 minutes and maybe increase that time for each roll after that if needed.

Here are the rest of the grainy under exposed and weakly developed negatives:


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