C-41 Death Rattle with Samsung Fino70 SE P&S

It’s official, my second C-41 kit is entering the dead-zone.

I’d developed a roll of cheapo expired True-Print film and I saw the same Death Ray effects on the Halina Paulette Ilford XP2 roll. I think I now know how they happened.

I believe the fixative in the Blix is no longer effectively fixing (on top of the developer not developing) and the streaks were the result of light from the window passing through the sprockets. I usually leave my negatives hanging from the shower reel in a room that doesn’t have that much natural light passing through.

I developed a roll of Ektachrome from the Mamiya and it looks very faded though not nearly as bad as the TruePrint roll. It’s about ready to scan so I’m sure I’ll find out soon.

Here are the three images I took from the messed up roll. I converted two into Black and White since they were so poor:


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