Halina Paulette Electric Death Rays

I finally finished the roll of Ilford XP2 I had in the Paulette Electric developing it last night between serving Anna her dinner and deploying the customary yoghurt dessert.

I must say that, at first glance, they looked OK despite a clump of images looking a little under developed. Maybe I didn’t see the death rays because the negative was still quite wet but boy did they pop out when it came to scanning around 3 hours later.

I don’t think it was the chemical kit, it served me well enough with the Mamiya shots a day or so before which makes me think it’s the camera. I’d noticed the shutter was very sticky often firing about half or a quarter second after I released it, also the film did sound funny when winding on but still unclear about the unevenness in the exposure.

Anyway, this is what I got from the camera:

I still have one other 1960’s Halina 35mm to try out but it’s lens came of in my hand and with it the chance I’ll probably ever get a sharp image from it, but I might try it.

The rest of the images are here in my Halina Paulette Flickr Set.


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