Fujichrome Arista Success! Mamiya Universal

At one time I never thought I’d use the words ‘Mamiya Universal’ and ‘Success’ anywhere near each other but I feel I have some success here (despite loosing two out of eight frames).

It was interesting to see how this Fujichrome Arista film handled colours when it’s cross-processed in an average c-41 kit. It helps me understand how the Bencini Koroll II roll became so brilliantly red rather than maybe just a sightly murky red.

Shot with the Bencini Koroll II with a red filter.

The reds in the Mamiya shots (below) jump out of the image and slap you in the face, purples almost completely turn brown and greens and yellows dominate:

One other thing was the inability for my scanner to see these negatives consistently. The Epson software had issues exposing and rendering the colours unlike any other negative I’ve scanned which makes me doubt I’ll ever see a ‘correct’ representation unless printed direct from negative.

You can see that the second last image almost looks normal but skip a day of scanning and you get something almost completely different.

Next up will definitely be the Ilford XP2 roll shot in the Halina Paulette Electric. I’m desperate to see if that camera can take a shot or not!


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