Koroll II Filter Disaster

This is my second roll with the Bencini Koroll 2 and normally things get better as you understand the camera more. I’m happy to report this is not the case.

I really don’t know much about lens filters but I believe the filters I used, that came with the camera, were red filters for black and white photography. I had two screwed on at one point (why? I don’t know!).

The film I was using was Fujichrome Arista developed in C-41, of course – as its all I have, it leaves a blue tinted negative which was totally drained of any other colours due to the filter(s) used.

I did shoot another roll of Arista along side this one in the Mamiya Universal on Sunday in the Botanical Gardens so I’ll be interested to see how this film will look, cross-processed, with a full spectrum of available light.

Anyway, here’s a select few:

Yes, more Pylons and more still to come as I managed to finish a roll of Ilford XP2 yesterday while on my travels.

I now have three ready to be developed listed here like hair salon billboards: Fujichrome Arista by Mamiya Universal; Ilford XP2 by Halina Paulette Electric and cheapo TruePrint by Samsung Fino70 SE.


One thought on “Koroll II Filter Disaster

  1. Wow cool effect, but yes those filters will be for B&W film! :-) You do get filters for colour film to adjust white balance for different lighting conditions – warming and cooling filters – but they’re not as strong as these.
    The blood red look is quite fitting for the Hallowe’en pumpkin though!


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