Forgotten Fragments, iPhone (Hipstamatic)

I went through a stage of using Hipstamatic very heavily for everything before I bought the GF1 and a load of film cameras. I think it was the Hipstamatic look that helped me get back into film photography or even just photography as a medium.

Previously I was mainly just a doodler and a sketcher but that desire has yet again waned like a slow tide that comes and goes. I might get back into painting and doodling but until then it’s the time of the photies!

The following are a heap of Hipstamatic shots I enjoyed at one level or another that have been sitting at around page 300 or so on Flickr.

The FPP guys go on about Flickr users having too many images, that is certainly true of myself so a phase 1 cull is in process.

More of my Hipstamatic shots here

Back to Film Photography soon as I should have a couple of rolls to develop this weekend including another Ektachrome roll in the Bencini Koroll 2. This time I think I might have actually used the entire roll (or tonnes of overlaped images).
I’ve also got about 10 shots left of a roll of Ilford XP2 400ASA in the Halina Paulette Electric.


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