C22 Film

I’d read a post somewhere on Flickr where someone claimed they were able to develop C22 film in a C-41 kit at 75ºF for around 7 minutes per chemical.

I tried using my old C-41 Kit at 75º for a wee bit longer and it simply blasted the the emulsion off the film.

I’ve got three more old films, two Colour C22 and two very old Ilford B&W. I’ll develop one of the C22 in the B&W kit and the same for the Ilford to see if I can get anything. If not I’ll maybe try sending away to somewhere like ProcessC22 but at extreme cost.

I didn’t really expect to see anything plus I’d accidentally exposed the roll when talking to a friend about the camera it was in, Mamiya Universal, totally forgetting the film was in there.

I’ve got two other more ‘modern films’ to develop so I’ll run along and do that to make me feel better or watch The Yakuza.



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