Updated Camera Collection

This is definitely the last camera buy for a long time-maybe-yes-resist-resist-resist.

It’s a fine collection of shitty P&S plastic fantastic 35mm cameras with three little metal gems hidden at the bottom from the 1960’s. The best part is they all came in a large cardboard box for the grand sum of £22(!). I’ll also add to this list of cameras a fair number of filter elements and two flash guns.

There’s something interesting or appealing about rubbish P&S cameras I guess its similar to the appeal of the Lomo cameras, plastic lenses, artefacts like chromatic aberration. Maybe because digital cameras can take such clean images some of us yearn for these idiosyncrasies to make our images more interesting. I don’t know.

On with the show:

I’ve no idea what kind of instant film goes in this Polaroid!

I found the lens element at the bottom of the box, if I can even call it that!

Now we get to the real reason I was bidding!

Halina 35mm. It has a slight problem with the focusing ring, the more you turn the wheel the more the focus and aperture ring ‘module’ comes off in your hand. It might just need some WD40 to loosen the focus ring.

Bencini Koroll 2, basically a 120 version of the Comet S with the same weirdo inversion of landscape/portrait framing on the negative.

Another Halina 35mm “Paulette Electric” camera very much like the Regulette in design and function.

I’ll write more about these cameras as I get to use them but what a booty!


6 thoughts on “Updated Camera Collection

  1. The second Canon looks like a member of the AF35 (Sure Shot) family. I have an AF35ML — it has a nice lens, but the winder is wake-up-the-dead loud. Anyway, that one’s definitely worth running a roll through. It’s not as fine as the three last cameras, of course!


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