Smena 6, a Users ‘How Not To’ Guide

I finally got my hands on a Smena 6 and it looks quite interesting though I did have one of those ‘WTF?’ moments when I didn’t immediately recognise everything.

The lack of a wind/shutter-cock lever momentarily threw me even though I knew it didn’t have one but the lack of a fixed pickup roll was even more bizarre.

Fortunately the ebayer I bought it from provided a take up spool. At the time I didn’t realise it had been constructed incorrectly and it could’ve been ‘corrected’. More on that in a moment.

Like my sadly still broken Smena Symbol the Smena 6 is a viewfinder camera, where you guess distances, with all the mechanisms on the lens like the shutter speed and self timer, much like the Mamiya Universal etc.

So, to get ‘normal’ results understand that once you’ve shot a frame turn the wind-knob until you feel it stop slightly. That’s one frame. I didn’t realise this at first so I ended up shooting multiple frames overlapping each other. Interesting but not always the effect you’ll want.

Make sure your take-up spool is constructed properly to minimise scratches. All my frames are severely scratched due to the way the film passed into the take up spool. My take-up spool was built upside down so the film went in at an angle that maximised scratches. I didn’t think at the time I could just rebuild it the right way round. Doh!

Here’s some of the highlights:


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