Ilford FP3 from 1959

I recently bought on ‘The Bay’ (where else?) two rolls of expired Ilford FP3 film from 1959. I’m doubtful anything will come out but I though why not?

Rummaging about photogrphy forums I came across this post on APUG that gave some ideas on how to develop film that old.

I’m obviously going to have to buy a developer as there’s no way my first caffinol experiment is going to be with a film that might not even develop. I should also note that I haven’t developed Black and White film since Art College and even then I don’t remember being taught about the differences between developers.

In the post, Ilford’s ID11, Kodak’s D76 or D25 are recommended if you’re looking for fine grain which ‘yields full emulsion speed’, I’m not entirely sure what that means yet but if it means the developer doesn’t ‘F’ the emulsion too much I’m all for it. I’ve seen Ilfords ID11 available for around £7 so I’ll buy some when I next get paid, I’ve already got a fixer that will hopefully do.

So its looking like:
– Some sort of pre wash
– ten minutes in ‘the developer’
– followed by a water stop bath for ‘X’ minutes
– rapid Fixer for about five minutes
– wash and rinse

All of this at around 20º


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