GF1 with M39 Mount Industar 61 Lens

More digital shots here with the Industar 61 Lens I got with the FED 3. It’s a little slower than the Jupiter 8 at f2.8 (just a little).

This is a mix of street photography and random family shots

I recently bought some more film on The Bay, three expired colour negative 35mm rolls and one roll of 127 film.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this 127 roll in the Bencini. Most of the rolls expired in the 1950’s but there’s one colour film that I’ll definitely put in one of the automatic cameras.

Along with that auction was an already exposed roll of 35mm film. Sounds interesting! Reminds me of a recent post on the Film Photography Project website.


3 thoughts on “GF1 with M39 Mount Industar 61 Lens

    1. 127 film is quite expensive these days and I’m not sure if there’s many places that will process it but if you home process I know the paterson system 4 reel can fit 127.


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