GF1 with the Jupiter 8 and a M39 Lens Mount

I’ve snapped some shots with the GF1 using my Jupitor 8 lens, though it’s taken a few shots to get the settings right but I think I’m almost happy now.

The problem I do have is with the preview screen. It auto compensates between light and dark environments. If I point my camera at a bright sky the preview compensates the preview screen but not what the sensor will see.

In order to see what you the sensor will see when you take your shot you have to click the ‘preview/trash’ button, bottom right at the rear of the camera, then click ‘Display’, bottom left. You will then get a choppy realtime rendition of what your exposure is like. That isn’t so good.

For the best results so far, I’ve set the ISO at 400 and switched the camera to ‘M’ for Manual.

Twiddling the selector wheel kinda looks like it changes the shutter speed though I can’t confirm that is what it’s doing:

I think I’m really going to enjoy using this lens with this camera and probably more often than I’ve done in the past.


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