127 Roll Film

I’ve now expanded into the 127 roll film market, not exactly the cheapest film to get since it appears to be limited to production in faraway lands. At least these rolls can be processed using C-41 chemistry.

The reason I have 127 film is because I recently bought a Bencini Comet S for £6.20 on ‘The Bay’.

I bought the Bencini for £6.20, including delivery, but the two rolls cost me £13.99 … for two rolls! The Bencini Comet will probably outlast most of the creatures on thi planet but I guess 127 film is now scarce enough to demand such prices. Hopefully I can find a more sensibly priced outlet soon.

I’ve just had a thought … will the camera come with a take-up spool (O.o)?!

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the Bencini to arrive so until then here’s some Bencini flickr links:
Photos of Bencini cameras
Photos by Bencini cameras in the Bencini Group


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