Red Scale (Loading Film Backwards Part Deux), Pentax K1000

A wee while a go I posted my first attempt at shooting red-scale film or rather shooting regular negative print film backwards. As Britney Spears perhaps once said incorrectly, grammatically speaking, “oops, I did it again”.

I used my Pentax K1000 as before because it seems to be the only camera that can take the film roll backwards and spool it relatively successfully. I did unfortunately get some unwanted streaking but it wasn’t too bad.

The flash shots were all taken using my new favourite flash technique of setting the camera to bulb and using the click-flash-release method. All f-stops were guessed.

Go Pentax!


The next two shots were taken in a pitch black room with guessed focal lengths and aperture settings. The shutter speed was also set to bulb for the flash:

More can be found in my Pentax K1000 Flickr set.


3 thoughts on “Red Scale (Loading Film Backwards Part Deux), Pentax K1000

    1. I can’t remember where I heard of it but I do like it!

      The only problem I had was finding a camera in my collection that’d take the film nicely enough but I see you use the Holga for beautiful looking sprocket shots so loading film backwards/upside down shouldn’t be a problem for you.

      Checkout Dred242’s video explaining how he does it/how it works. I stumbled across it a couple of days ago and then went to town with the Pentax:

      Thanks for your kind comments.



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