Smena Problems

I can’t believe it, the Smena’s shutter cock mechanism has failed.

Initially the problem was the shutter release button pressed to rewind the film was stuck, then the shutter cock lever was stuck now it just winds continuously but doesn’t cock the shutter release.

One thing I have found while rummaging about in the camera is the second pin required to get the hotshoe working.


I think I know which cog cocks the shutter but not yet 100%.



2 thoughts on “Smena Problems

  1. Do u managed to fix this? I’ve tried to reattach the cog but it doesn’t work and my smena have been sitting in the dust for far too long :(


    1. No I’m afraid I didn’t. I actually took it to a camera repair shop and the guy got it working but it only lasted the length of a 36esp. roll of film before the shutter mechanism/shutter speed ring broke so I just gave up there as the first repair was almost double the cost of the camera.

      It might be easier to simply buy another and I might do this at some point as I did like the camera a lot, had a nice lens.

      I hope you’re able to get yours repaired if you go down that route.



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