Smena Symbol, Ilford XP2 400

I’ve swung into action with the Lomo Smena Symbol (produced between 1980-1993, I think) and there’s some XP2 Ilford in it so I can home process.

The thing is though, like the Zeiss Ikon Nettar I have there’s not light meter and no rangefinder technologies to aid focusing so it’s going to be interesting to see what I’ve got. Especially so since last night when I started taking shots of Anna close with a flash handheld with the shutter speed set to Bulb because the hotshoe doesn’t like any of the flashguns I have (or might not work at all).

To be honest, I started off by using my bike light to illuminate her face at speeds of 1/15 at f4 when the light wasn’t so bad. It’s a 36 exposure so hopefully I can fill the roll today and develop tonight (along with the 5 other rolls still to do).

Fingers crossed!

**Edit, 4 September 2011**
**No need to cross them fingers any more!**
**Here are the results.**


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