Scotland’s Secret Bunker, FED 3, iPhone, GF1

The Holiday snaps continues!

I ended up touring through the bunker myself because Anna was a asleep in the car and Lou had to stay with her so in I went in armed with my FED 3, GF1, iPhone (of course) and the Zeiss Ikon Nettar. I found it quite ironic to be touring around a secret British bunker with a Russian camera.

I’ll only post photos from the first three cameras here because I haven’t developed the Nettar rolls yet (three or four to go!).

The bunker was a secret base that’d be used by the British government to track any nuke attacks by the ‘enemy’. It was a Cold War thing and it all sat underneath a rather unassuming little house.

As you’ll see in the photos there are a lot of dressed mannequins that kinda didn’t work that well here and there.
Anyway, enough of me dribbling on here’s the photos which starts with a cow because they were next to the car park:

The FED 3 shots were almost all at either 1/8 or 1/4 at f2.8 bar two or three and one 2 minute exposure that, although was blurry in the end, looked quite interesting. I’ll post it later.

iPhone 4

Panasonic DMC-GF1

Scotland’s Secret Bunker


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s Secret Bunker, FED 3, iPhone, GF1

  1. Nice pictures, totally jealous you’ve been to the bunker though!- had stumbled upon the website a couple of times on the web but never got round to going for a visit- looks like a good day out.


    1. Hi, thanks for your kind comment.

      Yeah, it’s very interesting and definitely has that cold war look and feel about it. Some of the mannequins are a bit silly looking though but if you’re into military costume and tanks you should definitely check it out.



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