Harman Ilford, On the Road to Caffinol Chaos

After listening to Steve Brierley talk about Ilford on the Filmwasters.com podcast this morning I felt I should do my part and get some Ilford in.

I only bought one roll of true B&W film, HP5 Plus 400ASA and one roll of XP2 super 400 for my C41 kit. I also bought a bottle of Rapid Fixer with the idea that I’d cook up some Caffinol.

The rolls of film were very pricey at about £7 each and the fixative was £11.99 from Jacobs in Edinburgh’s west end.

I tried to get some of the ingredients for the Caffinol on my way home but failed pathetically. My local Sainsbury’s and Boots (a fairly small one at that) didn’t have any Vitamin C powder and wondered what I wanted it for, they looked at me funny when I told them.

I guess I’ll just have to order online but before then I’ll need to find a recipe for 400 film as I think the basic Caffinol recipe is for slower speeds.

If anyone reads this post and has made a Caffinol developer suitable for 400 speed films, please leave a recipe in the comments section. Thanks in advance!


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