New C41 Kit, New ‘Film’ Photos from the Edinburgh Festival

The AG Photographic seemed to have known how badly I wanted my new C41 kit as it seemed to arrive in record time. It’s amazing to be reminded of what a negative is supposed to look like, I was steadily getting used to the faded nonsense from the zombified old kit.

As I said in a previous post I had five rolls of film to develop, one Ilford B&W Super 400ASA XP2 (C41) and two Kodak (one of which was colour reversal) 120 film and two 35mm rolls.

I used the Mamiya Universal, FED 3 and the Pentax K1000. I’ll post each roll separately to keep things clean.

First up we have the Ilford XP2 B&W Super 120 film at 400ASA taken with the Mamiya Universal:

I lost 2 frames due to light leakage (arse).


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