My C-41 Developer Has Finally Died

… and it has taken two rolls of 120 with it.

I lost one black & white Ilford X-Pro 400ASA C-41 I shot today, which I’m über pissed off about, and I lost an old roll shot with the Diana, not so much. Both rolls had virtually nothing on it.

This also coincides with the SFA I got from the last roll I developed from the Diana (maybe Diana wasn’t to blame after all?!?) but it could be I didn’t expose that Diana roll properly and that the Mamiya is up to its old bullshit again …

I now have three rolls of 120, two colour and one B&W, and two colour 35mm from the Pentax and FED 3 to develop.

I’ve ordered more C-41 from AG Photographic so I hope it bloody arrives soon because I can’t wait to see what’s on these rolls.


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