Diana, Lets Call it a Day

Although I have one un-developed roll of 120 I think my love affair with Diana is over.

I tweeted that I might go Instaback but I think it costs about £60 for that back and well, maybe but I’m not sure.

I’d loaded a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 100Plus Colour Reversal film. The roll didn’t seem to sit right and I struggled to advance it. Even so I did manage to turn the roll but I only have 3 messed up shots.


4 thoughts on “Diana, Lets Call it a Day

  1. i think dianas and holgas are fun but they’re not cameras you grow with. when i pull out my holga its so that i can shoot with a feeling of freedom i dont really have with my regular 35mm camera. with my holga i dont give a **** and i feel like im “allowed” to take pictures of whatever i want. theyre fun in that regard, but i think thats all they’re good for (imho)


    1. Yes, I agree with you that the Diana/Holga’s are just fun cameras.

      In this post I was a little premature for blasting the Diana for these images, I tested my C41 kit with a spare exposed roll and it was completely blank so basically I’d ran my developer kit into the ground!

      Thanks for your input!


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