Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Now, this is a bit of a mixed bag. A bit of street, beach, graveyard, dogs and allotments. All with the FED 3 and all 35mm film.
I think it’s a mix between Kodak’s cheap ColorPlus 200ASA film and an expired roll of Ultra 400ASA.

I listen to the Film Photography Podcast and in the last episode, #39, they talk about Flicker users that post too many photos and about how annoying it is.

I must say I fit into that category so I’m going to try and cut down the amount of photos I post to Flickr because I freakin’ assault Flickr repeatedly every day.

I’ve still got two C-41 rolls to develop too (not including the 3 rolls of B&W 120 film waiting for Chemistry to be made/purchased). One is a 120 roll of Kodachrome 160T taken with the Nettar and the other is a 12 exposure 35mm roll taken with a plastic camera Colin gave me.

In all I think I developed 3-4 rolls this past weekend (!). Anyway, on with the photos!


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