Mamiya Press Universal, Portraits and Miss Fires

Here we go, this is my first full set of images from the Mamiya since I duct taped the mutha’s arse. Some portraits, miss-fires and double exposures.

I used a roll of expired Neopan 400CN, 120 film of course, and the Prinz Jupiter 277C flash. The film is black and white but can be developed using C-41 chemicals.


I’ll also say that I tried to load two rolls of 120 film onto one spindle, an idea I saw on a video podcast by the filmwasters. I wasn’t as successful.

I doubled up this Mamiya roll with a roll of Fujicolor 100 something or other shot with the Diana F+ about 3 months previous but if you’re even 2 millimeters out of sync the second roll will refuse to enter the spindle properly or at all.

My Neopan roll only got a third of the way onto the spindle before telling me to go jump in a river so I ended up wrapping the remnants of the Mamiya roll around the spindle. I opted to not agitate the spindle the usual way in the tank but rather to upturn with a twist more than usual.

Basically, the Mamiya roll ended up being a wee bit bashed round the edges and one of the frames was scratched quite badly. If you’re bosh bosh prone like me (that means too rough or heavy handed for your own good) I’d recommend getting a large tank and more chemicals.


Anyway, here’s the shots:

yes, there's an image there

pretentious self-portrait alert!


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