Polaroid 104 Land Camera, Modified

I bought a Polaroid 104 Land Camera on ebay for about £25 with a flash (bulb flash) but there was one problem. No battery to run it (they use a weird type of battery that can be expensive to replace).
Since I listen to the Film Photography Project guys quite religiously now, and they’re quite obsessed with Polaroids, they mentioned how to convert a Land camera to use alternative battery types in Episode 39 of their podcast.

They also mentioned a video on youtube that describes how frickin’ easy it is to convert the average Polaroid Land Camera to use AAA batteries, and it is easy, so I gave it a go. If you need a AAA Battery Holder to do this and live in the UK or Ireland you are looking for product ID JG79L from www.Maplin.co.uk. Including delivery it cost me £4.08.

Here’s the vid:

Here’s a photo of my attempt at it minus soldering as I don’t have any yet:

All I need to do now is rip out the guts off the old battery holder and put the new battery module in place.

Here’s a ‘successful’ photo:


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