Olympus Trip 35, Made in Japan 1967

Here’s a few snaps of an Olympus Trip 35. It was made in Japan around the late 1960’s, designed as a point & shoot with the aperture ring used primarily for flash photography (according to the manual and the aperture ring). The auto mode does depend on you setting the correct ASA speed of your film to take accurately exposed shots.

The focusing ring was designed as a convenient guide for taking either portraits or groups of people up to landscapes (above). At the other end of the focus ring are more detailed measurements in feet and metres, the minimum range is 3 ft (see below). It isn’t a rangefinder nor an SLR so there’s no assisted focusing but it does have parallax correction lines for when you get in close. The only other camera I have that has that is the Mamiya Universal but since that module in the VF rattles around inside the camera body I don’t trust it.

The shutter speed appears to be fixed at 1/40 but on Automatic it can also shoot at 1/200. The manual also babbles on about some sort of ‘contact self shutter release button locking system’ which I imagine its referencing the cable release mechanism located on the shutter button.

I also got a National PE-2006 flash with this camera and a UV filter so all I need now is a couple of rolls of film to test it out.

Boy have I got G.A.S.

Here’s an excellent little video of a guy running through its features:

Trip 35 manual.


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