Bar the first shot, it looks like the Mamiya riddle might nearly be solved (shouldn’t have been difficult if I’d actually bothered to investigate properly). Seven out of eight shots came out which is promising but at least another 2 rolls should make it certain.

The shots are, unfortunately, boring and the colours are strange due to the expired in 1997 Kodak Ektacolor Gold film I used. I had more trouble than normal getting the freakin’ film onto the spindle as it felt like paper more than the plastic-y film I’ve been used to. When I emptied out the pre-wash the sink turned a weird aqua blue colour which concerned me, I don’t usually see that much colour pouring out:

Anyway, the roll did develop and here they (boringly) are:

This scene had beautiful yellow tints from the burning sun, all blasted due to the way Kodak Ektacolor must deteriorate.

Due to the thin paper-like quality of the negative film, it sadly buckled under my ruthlessly clunky ‘bosh bosh’ heavy hands when rolling it onto the spindle. I think the two half-moon curves are stress points on the film, more evident in second last image where it looks like a paranormal event is unfolding.


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