Halina Landscapes, Expired FujiFilm Neopan 400

This was my first C-41 XP2 black and white film developing. Basically it’s black and white film that can be developed as black and white using the C-41 process (a colour film developing process). The film expired in 2007 and I hoped to see some weird colour shifts but it pretty much stayed black and white. I scanned the first three as black and white then the rest using a colour profile and it didn’t really matter.

Again, the Halina Viceroy can easily grab a good image with minimal effort.
– It looks bright? well, set it to ‘I’ (1/60) and choose f11.
– Really bright? f16.
– Dark? f8
– Really Dark? B (bulb, shutter is open for as long as you hold it open for) fWhatever-you-want
The only thing against the Viceroy is a slight lack of accuracy in the viewfinder and the reversed nature of the image in the said viewfinder.

Here are the images:

My Halina Flickr Set.


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