Polaroid, Mini Portrait Camera

Yes, I’ve bought another retro camera bargain on eBay.

To the left of frame (front of camera) you can see the Aperture settings:
f8, f16 and f32. I’ll also note I’ve just realised there are increments between these three settings maybe two between the three listed.

To the right of frame (also the front of camera) are the three shutter speeds: B, 1/60 and 1/125. There’s a little switch on the top that cocks the shutter and you know if the shutter’s cocked or not when you look through the view finder, if everything is red then it isn’t cocked. Quite neat.

It came with a Prinz Jupiter 277C flash gun too which I’m hoping will work with the Russian cameras. What I like about this camera is that its got a handle like the Mamiya Universal and with the aid of some bottle caps I should be able to take 4 photos on one exposure.

Here’s some extra info about Polaroid cameras and stuff:
How to use Polaroid cameras.

Shooting multiple exposures with the Mini Portrait.

Here’s a scan of the manual in Japanese:


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