Halina Viceroy, FujiColor Pro 160S

Here are a few shots I took last night to test out a roll of 120 FujiColor Pro 160 ISO. I got 10 rolls from 7dayshop.com for £31, so £3.10 per roll, which is not too shabby and the shots look ok:

There were a couple of shots where I didn’t quite get the shutter/aperture speeds right and you can see them in my Halina Flickr Set. I’ve now got plenty ammo to thoroughly test the Mamiya.

PS – I think I’m getting this home-film developing thing nailed. I recommend that anyone interested in film photography should give it a go. Slightly pricey getting the gear but once you’ve got it all it’s dead easy and there might be a cost saving further down the line. I guess its too early to say just now but I’ll find out soon.


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