Mamiya Universal Product Details

Despite my recent problems getting a decent image out of the Mamiya I’m still utterly fascinated with it. Here’s the product details for the camera (translated from Japanese):

Release Date: August 1971 (1971)

Price: ¥ 56,000 (100mmF3.5, with grip), ¥ 61,000 (127mmF4.7, with grip), Rorufirumuhoruda two different types, ¥ 14,000

Polaroid Holders ¥ 26,000

Model: 6 × 9cm size press camera

Screen size: 6 × 9cm (6 × 7.6 × 6.6 × 4.5cm and available Polaroid size)

Lens: Mamiya Call Center 100mmF3.5 (3 groups 4), Interchangeable lenses (bayonet type), Mamiya Call Center 127mmF4.7 (3 groups 4)

Focusing method: Double image linked SLR coincidence rangefinder glass or focus, Susumu Tadashi helicoid

Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean formula, with bright lighting window style, switching automatically correct parallax formula 100.150.250 mm lens for bright frame, 6 × 9.6 × 7cm frame size used (wide-angle lens viewfinder Yes only)

Shutter: Seikosha S (No. 0) B · 1 ~ 1 / 500 M · X s contacts. Press lever device with a focus, manually set the shutter

Release: perform with the lever of the lens shutter cable release or a direct grip.

Winding: winding operation – one of two levers (available separately) is Roruhoruda automatic winding system marks the start together, automatically restore counter

Size and weight: 121 × 167 × 114mm · 1,890 g (With standard lens 100mmF3.5 · grip)


2 thoughts on “Mamiya Universal Product Details

    1. It feels really solid but I would recommend a quick once-over with the manual before use.
      There’s quite a few kicking about eBay at the moment, I saw some this afternoon and available in the UK as well as the US. Average price of around £250.


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