… And Finally

It’s been a long time coming (a month or so) but I’ve finally developed my first batch of negatives. Successfully. I think. At least they haven’t turned black yet.

It was a roll of 120 from the Diana and it was an unnecessary ordeal thanks mainly to the freakin’ bottles I used for the chemicals. They were too small, although they claimed to be 1L and the mixing jug I used was far too small too.

Y’know looking at the mess and chaos in front of me I started to doubt my understanding of life the universe and everything. The Developer didn’t look brown enough. How am I married with a child? I should be in an institute for the insane. Everything looked really bad but for some weird reason once I washed away the remnants of the stabiliser and opened the tank I pulled out negatives that looked like … negatives.

I’ll scan and post them on the blog once they’re dry.

Here’s some shots of the utter carnage:

The black stains are obviously the acrylic paint that melted like it should do at around 102 degrees F (twat!).

I won’t do this again until I get some accordion style bottles.


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