Plans Are Afoot

I now have a portable Darkroom AND, more importantly, I’ve managed to adjust my Paterson Spiral to fit 120 film.

I specifically mention the reel spiral because adjusting it baffled me for a wee moment. Due to my long sordid history of snapping and breaking shit I felt I was just seconds away from snapping and breaking this but I discovered the trick was to turn each end clockwise and keep going. So I slowly forced it until it ground beyond where I thought it could and it finally came loose allowing me to set the film distance by referencing one of the 3 options on the stalk like in one of the photos below.

Locked into 120 mode. The top slot of the reversed ‘F’ is for 35mm not sure what the middle one is for:

Below you can see the 3 bottles getting painted up to hold the chemicals. I’ll do a couple of more coats and finish with a varnish of PVA glue.


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