Fashion Magazine by Bruce Gilden

This series of magazines photographed by Bruce Gilden (above) arrived today with a smaller than I expected edition of Phaidon’s ‘Nan Goldin’ book (below).

Fashion Magazine Quick Run Down
I’ve just had a first look of the 7 issues and its pretty impressive stuff. Now I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion so most of the detail means little to me but I can appreciate the images for what they are at face value. Each volume has either a story or interview which I won’t go into detail here as this is just a first look but maybe later.

Volume 1, Power

Everyone in volume 1 looks like a mafia don and they’re almost all shot in the usual manner, point-blank range.

Volume 2, Fame

The ‘celebrities’ in volume 2 aren’t a kick in the arse off the lizards Hunter S Thompson talked about in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas amplified by the extreme, unforgiving closeness of Gilden’s ‘style’.

Volume 3, Addiction

We’re back to the pretty youthful people that haven’t yet been poisoned by fame and everyone is beautiful. This issue is much more product orientated focusing more on the garments, watches and shoes.
You also get a multicoloured poster of a dog and there’s a nice shot of Bruce Gilden taking a photograph of himself with a Leica M4.

Volume 4, Body

This issue likes to focus on the juxtaposition of youth and old age, thick and thin. The trail of beautiful people is broken by a shot of an elderly lady on the beach with her wrinkly skin. Not as much product exposure here.

Volume 5, Fantasmes

This issue is more about beauty. The people that have it, as defined by the currently accepted narrow parameters, and those trying to get it, all the rest. One image of the accepted normal face of beauty is often placed beside the reality of the beauty industry.

Volume 6, Exclusive

This volume means little to me as they appear to be portraits of the people who make the stuff for the fashion houses. I don’t follow fashion at all (and occasionally loathe it) so I haven’t a clue who any of these people are but they are nice portraits.

Volume 7, Illicit

This issue has a couple of the Yakuza shots in it, mixing a seedy party edge with posed fashion style.

Definitely worth a look if you are interested in Bruce’s work or are interested in the fashion industry.
His view is a little off brand regards the industry and with each volume he does seem to be trying to look behind the velvet curtain, like David Lynch with Blue Velvet – to see the unseen – but there’s enough candy to cover his tracks for most people.


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