FED 3 Image Overview

I can definitely see a difference with the way by lens writes data to the film (?), ok an odd analogy but you get the picture. There is a noticeable red ‘gain’ in shadows and a yellowing of highlights in some of the shots, which I’m all in favour of, and greys are often a lot warmer than they were to the eye.

I like the look and feel of the colours, they’re not pin-point accurate and lean more to a representation of life rather than a copy which nods and winks to my artistic temperament.

The mechanisms felt ok on the camera but I do see a misalignment when focusing on the vertical plane but it feels solid enough on the horizontal (when shooting landscape). In contrast, the Zorki’s rangefinder is muy accurate.

Now to get film for Mr. Zorki 4K and develop my first 120 roll from the Halina Viceroy.


2 thoughts on “FED 3 Image Overview

  1. About FED 3 and Zorki 4K: The shutter mechanism is exactly as the one copied/inherited from Leica right after the WWII and it is in accordance to the period of time when it was designed for the first time by Leitz Camera. Therefore, it is not a “weakness” or “a downside” , but just a design feature of the past….


    1. Hi George, at the time of writing this post the FED was my first ever Rangefinder, I’d only used modern-ish SLR cameras where switching shutter speeds wasn’t something you ever worried about, so at the time I felt it was a weakness. Not so much now, it’s just a quirk.

      I love my Russian Rangefinders very much and cocking before changing speeds is now second nature.

      Thanks for your comment.


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