Pocket Light Meter (or ‘metre’, whateva)

I just thought I’d share some thoughts of this free light metre app I’ve been using.
Pocket Light Meter App Pocket Light Meter App

It’s straight forward to use, simply point your iPhone or iTouch at the subject and it automatically starts sampling the light and suggests aperture widths and shutter/ISO speeds but you can manually lock each of those 3 settings individually or in groups.

There are additional settings accessible from the ‘i’ symbol top right of the screen which offers different ‘stop’ increments for the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings which will depend on how your camera records stuff. There is an additional option to show more info like footcandles which I’d never even heard of until a Mark Kermode rant about 3D images being dark. Whenever I hear ‘footcandle’ my brain immediately plays back a Two Ronnies sketch about fork handles.

**EDIT – 16 May 2011**

I was testing out my FED 3 Russian Leica copy with 200 ISO film, I locked the ISO setting at 200 and locked the slowest shutter speed I wanted to go to and used the light metre to suggest aperture settings and fired away.

The app is small and stable and apparently very accurate! Check out this Flickr set of FED 3 photos. I used the app again with my Halina Viceroy and by looking at the negatives they have been exposed well so I can seriously recommend this app.

One other thing to note – the app is free but it does host adverts. There is an option to remove the adverts with an in-app purchase of 59p or you can buy the developer a pint for £2.99.

I bought him a pint.


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