Biggest Loser

I managed to miss out on a Halina A1 Reflex camera last night due to a terrible eBay iPhone app. Apparently, if you want any freakin’ alerts about junk you’re bidding on you have to actively watch them whether you’re bidding on them or not. I just so happened to check the app with 12 seconds to go, panicked, and dropped the ball.

I’m now looking at a Halina Viceroy which was made in the 1960s and is slightly similar in function, less glamorous looking, but the shutter speed and aperture settings as wee knobs at each side of the shooting lens instead of on it and it also takes 120 film.

Fingers are crossed.

Halina Viceroy

Halina Viceroy


3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser

  1. do you have any idea on shutterspeed, the meaning of the I and B options. i just bought my halina viceroy, empire made. i don’t have a manual.


    1. Hi Marc.

      I can’t remember where I read it but I’ve been making my exposures by rating ‘I’ as 1/60 and, if you’re unfamiliar with it, ‘B’ is for Bulb. What this means is when you fire the shutter it will stay open for as long as you hold the shutter down.

      I believe bulb is still used in some digital cameras but you should see it in most older cameras along with a ‘T’ mode which is similar except when you fire the shutter in T mode the shutter will stay open until you fire the shutter again.

      To see how bulb works, set the camera to bulb, open up the camera back and take out the film unit (pull out, turn and lock the film advance on the right. Swivel the latch left on the bottom), look through the back and fire the shutter.

      Here’s my Halina Viceroy Flickr set for some examples of what it can do. There’s also some other blurb I’ve collected about the camera too.

      I hope I wasn’t patronising!



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