What Now?

I’ve taken 2 rolls of 120 film with a couple of double exposures (on purpose as well as by accident) and at least one shot will be black … for sure. It’s one of those things you do without thinking. I took the shot with the lens cap on then wound it on thinking the shot was wasted not realising I didn’t need to wind it on at all. I could’ve just taken the shot again and no one would’ve minded, there’s no bouncer telling you to move along unlike with 35mm cameras. Speaking of which, I’ve loaded the Pentax with new film and let rip with a few shots. I wonder how long it’ll take me to finish that 36 shot roll?

Anyway, the problem I face now is where to get them developed? I was raking about the internets for film developing joints to through my film at but it looks like I will actually have to go into a shop and speak to someone … face to face. Weird.


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